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Harpoon 4 game

Harpoon 4 is the fourth edition of the Harpoon game-series originally published by Adventure Games. The era of modern naval combat began on October 28 Feb Harpoon was the first computer game that I became addicted to. I would go to my friend Jerry's dorm room, boot it up and sink a Yankee fleet or. more options in terms of weaponry and scenarios, but also to bring the game into vivid 3D. Harpoon 4 offers over different 'platforms' -- ships, submarines, .

This page features a list of Admiralty Trilogy games authored or co-authored by Harpoon 4, by Larry Bond and Chris Carlson, handles all aspects of maritime. Harpoon 4 was a planned game in the Harpoon naval strategy wargame series. The development of Harpoon 4 began in , but buyout(s) of the original. We are a group of dedicated Harpoon players who that want to bring you the best of all the Harpoon games. If you're looking for new scenarios then check out.

26 Nov This naval combat simulation game features a highly detailed 3D environment and a campaign written by Larry Bond. September 24, AM • Updated: September 24, PM A worthy heir to the Harpoon series of games, “Command” will find a following not only. Harpoon4 (4th edition) is a tactical naval miniatures game that covers all aspects of maritime combat from to the present day: surface, sub-surface, and air.


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